Enchanting Mother of the Bride Dresses in Bohemian Style


When it comes to wedding fashion, the bride and the groom usually get most of the attention. However, the mother of the bride plays a crucial role in the aesthetical experience of the event, embodying maturity, wisdom, and elegance. The bohemian style, synonymous with artistic freedom and romantic charm, can give a unique vibe to the attire of the bride’s mother, making her truly stand out. Today, we bring you a thorough exploration of bohemian style mother of the bride dresses, covering various cuts, materials, and style tips.

Meaning of Bohemian Style: A Brief Recap

Before we dive into the specifics of the dresses, let’s quickly refresh our understanding of the bohemian style. The bohemian fashion is all about expressing one’s free-spirit and love for nature, often including elements of exoticism and vintage touches. It’s characterized by flowing fabrics, floral prints, and earthy tones.

Types of Bohemian Style Mother of the Bride Dresses

1. Maxi Dresses With Flowy Silhouettes

Nothing speaks boho-chic like a flowing maxi dress. Made of lightweight material like chiffon or silk, these dresses elegantly drape the body without restricting movement. A well-selected bohemian-style maxi dress instantly elevates the aura of the mother of the bride, adding a dreamy, ethereal quality.

2. Lace and Embroidered Dresses

Lace and embroidery have long been staples of bohemian fashion, as they bring forth an intricacy reflecting the romantic allure associated with the boho movement. A delicate, lace-covered dress perfectly embodies the essence of bohemian style mother of the bride dresses, radiating a sense of feminine mystique.

3. Wrap Dresses

With their flattering cut that fits perfectly on any body shape, wrap dresses are a great choice for a boho-themed wedding. They’re comfortable, stylish, and come in many patterns and material choices. Paired with a floral or geometric print, they make an excellent bohemian style statement.

4. Two-Piece Sets

A popular and versatile choice, two-piece bohemian sets have been making waves in the fashion industry. These sets offer the possibility to mix and match different pieces, usually a cropped top and a high-waisted skirt or a dressy pants set. The combination options are endless, making this a great way to reflect personal style.

Choosing the Perfect Bohemian Style Mother of the Bride Dress

Now that we’ve covered some popular types of bohemian style dresses, let’s discuss how to select the most flattering option. Body type, personal style, and the wedding theme all come into play.

1. Consider the Wedding Theme and Venue

The theme of the wedding significantly shapes the choice of dress. An earth-tone maxi dress with nature-inspired accessories perfectly blends with an outdoor, garden wedding. On the other hand, a sophisticated cream or blush lace dress can complement a vintage-style indoor ceremony.

2. Consider Body Type and Comfort Level

Comfort should always be paramount when selecting the dress. Whether it’s a long, flowy silhouette, an intricate lace dress, or a flexible wrap dress, it should feel great on the body and correspond to the mother’s personal style.


Incorporating the bohemian style into mother of the bride dresses adds a layer of sophistication, richness, and charm that traditional dresses might lack. It radiates warmth and exudes authenticity, resonating with the core boho ethos of freedom, creativity, and love for nature. Bohemian style mother of the bride dresses are hence a versatile and beautiful choice, guaranteeing a timeless visual appeal.

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