Unveiling the Most Sought-After Hair Colors of 2021


2021 has been the year of change and transformation. From fashion to fitness, every industry has observed a paradigm shift, and the world of hairstyles is no exception. Bold colors, fearless experimentation, and a spotlight on individuality have taken center stage. Come, let’s discover the most trending hair colors of 2021.

Vibrant Reds: Running the Show

Undeniably, red has been one of the most sensational colors of 2021. From a rich burgundy to strawberry blond, the spectrum of red has offered a palette of fiery hues. Bold brick red, intricate copper shades, or a classic mahogany, there is a shade for everyone who wishes to infuse some heat into their style.

Pastel Pinks: Candy Floss Dreams

2021 brought along the trend of Pastel Pinks, transforming us into living, breathing Barbie dreams. This bubblegum color is fun, playful, and packed with personality. It’s about capturing the magic, charm and whimsy of fairy-tales and cartoons, turning them into a style statement!

Chocolate Almond: The Sweet Spell

For those wanting to keep it subtle yet stylish, Chocolate Almond is the shade for you. A blend of rich brown with warmer hues, Chocolate Almond gives a luscious, classy, and polished look. It has been a massive hit for its simplicity and elegance, making it a timeless classic.

Icy Blond: Bold and Beautiful

Another shade that has stunned in 2021 is the Icy Blond. Cold and striking, this color is perfect for those who dare to make bold statements. This cool blond shade is famed for its sleek, chic, and modern appeal. Icy Blond has become a trendy choice amongst fashion-forward people.

Mermaid Blue: Into the Deep

Daring, gorgeous, and strikingly unusual, Mermaid Blue has made a big splash in 2021. This color conveys a sense of freedom, expansiveness, and creativity. It gives a vivid, electric feel, making the person stand out in any crowd. Unleash new heights of fantasy and originality with this hair color trend.

Mushroom Brown: The Charming Neutral

Ever thought fungi could trend in the beauty world? Welcome, Mushroom Brown, a perfect ashy cool-toned hair color. The mix of light and dark shades gives a multi-dimensional, dynamic look. If you prefer everything neutral with an added dose of chic, this hair color trend is your perfect match!

E-girl Streaks: The Punk Revival

2021 saw the revival of the punk era in the form of E-girl Streaks. Typically characterized by chunks of vibrant, contrasting colors against the primary hair color, they brought back all the edgy, cool-girl vibes that punk is famous for. So, step into your wild side with this fascinating trend!

Silver Chrome: Futuristic Chic

Going against the traditional fear of graying, 2021 brought us the liberating Silver Chrome trend. This color is all about embracing the future with grace and poise. Whether it’s a complete ice-queen look or subtle silver streaks, this color will make you feel stunningly sophisticated.

Buttercream Blond: The Balmy Blond

Packed with all the warmth and sweetness of buttercream frosting, this color is 2021’s friendly blond. It’s a refreshing spin on the traditional blond, adding depth and dimension and creating an endlessly inviting hue.

Honey Dipped Balayage: The Golden Glow

This hair color trend brings together warm honey tones with the technique of Balayage, creating sun-kissed strands that look like you’ve spent the summer on the beach. It’s a sweet, romantic color trend that brings natural beauty to the forefront.


Hairstyles in 2021 have been a canvas for creativity and individuality. From the fiery reds to icy blonds, from pastel pinks to mushroom brown, each trend represents a unique personality. As we unravel these beautiful color trends, we delve into a world where the possibilities of expressing ourselves are truly endless.

Take your pick from these popular 2021 hair color trends and take a step into a new, more vibrant you. After all, change is always in style!

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